kin·dom community

Kin·dom Community

kin·dom community is a queer-led spiritual community. Inspired by the concept first named by theologian Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, kin•dom is the full inclusion and relationship of all of God’s people.

In response to a growing awareness that so many are hungry for connection, but are wounded, disillusioned, or disenfranchised by “religion”, kin·dom community seeks a new way of being a community of faith. A way marked by, and committed to: inclusion, love, diversity, reconciliation, healing, being chosen family for one another, sharing meals and conversation, serving together, and cultivating a sense of belonging and purpose.

If you have more questions than answers, if you’re looking for a place to belong… or if you are yearning for community, and a connection to something bigger than yourself, come join us!

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