LGBTQ+ guide to health and wellness

LGBTQ+ guide to health and wellness

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning. It may also describe other non-straight, non-cisgender people. This community of individuals shares many of the same health needs as everyone else. However, some LGBTQ+ people have unique experiences that may require personalized healthcare services.

Whether you are a member of this community or you care about someone who is, this guide can be a good place to start to find the perfect healthcare team and the solutions available today.

Importance of specialized LGBTQ+ care

Healthcare for LGBTQ individuals has a complicated past: At one point, anything other than heterosexuality was labeled a diagnosable “illness.” But today, there are specialized care centers that accept LGBTQ+ people as valued members of society with distinctive health and wellness concerns. 

Despite positive efforts by policymakers and the medical community, there’s still work to be done to provide a welcoming environment for LGBTQ patients of all ages. Although access for LGBTQ individuals has improved, discriminatory attitudes from healthcare providers can compromise the quality of healthcare they receive. In addition, negative past experiences have made some LGBTQ individuals reluctant to seek care, especially when they’ve needed it most. 

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