Resources for LGBTQ parents of children with special needs

Resources for LGBTQ parents of children with special needs
As an LGBTQ parent raising a child with special needs, you may face unique challenges. However, by accessing the various forms of help that are available, LGBTQ families can become empowered to understand their child’s needs, handle potential discrimination, and navigate their options. Learn more about medical, financial, and emotional support resources for LGBTQ parents of children with disabilities.

Understanding your child’s disability

Accepting that your child has a disability is perhaps one of the most difficult things you’ll do as a parent. The range of emotions, including confusion, fear, and grief, can be overwhelming. However, coming to terms with the reality of your child’s condition is beneficial for many reasons. Most importantly, gaining a better understanding of your child’s disability will allow you to best advocate for their needs. Read more at Cerebral Palsy Guide…

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