How to Choose a Queer-Friendly Addiction Treatment Center

How to Choose a Queer-Friendly Addiction Treatment Center

LGBTQ+ people often face discrimination and stigma due to their sexuality and/or gender identity that can become a barrier to treatment. Discover what factors to look for in queer-friendly rehab centers and where to find them.

Addiction is a disease that needs support and customized treatment to overcome. However, some drug and alcohol treatment centers aren’t always inclusive to those in the LBGTQ+ community.

It can be a struggle to know what to look for in a facility, and what questions to ask to ensure that you are finding the right fit for yourself or your loved one.

Studies have found that those in the LGBTQ+ community have higher rates of depression, suicide, anxiety, and substance use. They also suffer from higher rates of some chronic health conditions.

According to Mental Health America, LGBTQ+ adolescents are six times more likely to suffer from depression symptoms than the general population. Some of this is due to the stress and trauma that individuals from this group face.

Additionally, many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or people of color) individuals are part of multiple minority groups and experience increased stereotyping, discrimination, and violence due to hate.

Addiction can add another layer of struggle for people who identify as queer, adding to the stigma and rejection that many feel, leading to an increased negative outlook for their mental and physical health.

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